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buggrit \b&g-rit\ adj 1. Pissed off to hell. 2. colloq Expressing great irritation, see "screw it". 3. A favourite (?) saying of Foul Ole Ron.

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Buggrit - an Introduction
Please Don't Think, Mr. or Mrs. Consumer
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness, But...
Girls Need New Friends
Faster Than Light: A Cautionary Tale
The Buggrit Online Shitlists
Practical Footwear
You're Nicked, Chum!
The Perils of eBay(tm)
Like a Merkin

The Bunns & Noodles Hiring Guide
The Bunns & Noodles Employment Guide
Space Shuttle Columbia
Freedom Fries
Short: Salad Creme
eBay Feedback - a Real-World Primer
Camera Snobbery
A Simple Pleasure
Zorki Rangefinders - a Review of sorts
Photographic Quality - a few thoughts

Officer.com, RIP
The Sparcstation Odyssey
The Nature of Linking
The Paul Wellstone Anti-Eulogy
Urban Exploration Pages
Thoughts on Iraq
2003 - the Year in Review
Bush's May 24, 2004 Speech on Iraq
Cop Karma

I Get My Rights Violated
Osama Been Thinking
Four More Years
The Menace of the Torture Czar
Saint Paul Mayor Randy Kelly
Concerning the President
Randy Kelly Lies
Privacy is Just a Stamp Away
Senator Elizabeth Dole Hates America
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Thoughts on the SAT and ACT Tests
Meth and Metal
Farking Big Indians
Department of Horrible Service
2005 - the Year in Review
Homeland Security in the Heartland
Ethnicity and Suspicious Activity Reporting
Portable Data Storage
Photography Tips and Tricks
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

'Baby' Press Cameras and the Busch Pressman C
The Burke and James 'Watson' 2x3 camera
The Graflex Century Graphic
U.S. Customs and Border Patrol jerks me around
2006, the Year in Review
Privacy Was Just a Stamp Away
Medium-format press camera tips and tricks
When is a FOIA response not responsive?
The Zorki-4 rangefinder camera, five years later
Protection from riot-control agents

Anarchists are Idiots, Brandon Darby is (or should be) a Hero

More coming soon, hopefully.

Want pictures? Visit www.kitzi.com, my picture-filled photography website.

Some of my offbeat stock photography at Alamy.

Still more of my stock photographs, including a rather nice photograph of St. Paul, MN at night and a storm drain photograph I somewhat like.

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