2006 in Review

Posted 01/01/06

As with previous years, so with 2006; a "state of the website" page, sort of. Probably only of interest to a tiny handful of people, and even then not terribly exciting reading.

I managed to get just ten new pages on the site this year, somewhat less than the one a month I aim for. Other things have kept me busy, and a short-lived "real" blog with a very narrow focus that seemed like a good idea at the time absorbed a lot of output; many of the posts from that site will be recycled into pages on Buggrit in the near future, which should give me a nice boost in apparent productivity for this year, anyway.

In 2003, this website averaged just 35 visits, and 50 page views, per day; by 2005 traffic had more than doubled, to 125 visits, and 175 pages viewed, each day. 2006 wasn't as dramatic an increase - about the same number of people per day visited, but the number of pages viewed rose to just over 200 per day. With the wonders of compression, this comes out to right around one megabyte of traffic per day; no bandwidth is wasted frivolously on things like, you know, pictures.

Cameras, quite understandably, are the most popular subject on this site; they're also the second-most written about subject, after urban exploration - but few of the UE pages have gobs of frequently-searched keywords. Footwear and citizens' arrests are the next-most popular pages. Not at all surprisingly, the handful of pages with lyrics to song parodies are the least viewed.

A handful of people bothered to contact me from this website; none were particularly hostile, which was a pleasant surprise. One local urban explorerweenie threatened legal action in a convincing-enough fashion to get me to stop saying bad things about him; I'm normally not impressed by cartooney threats of legal action, but this party is just unbalanced enough that complying with his requestdemands seemed like a good idea. Ah, the sweet smell of censorship. Still, I got the last laugh...

That's it, really. 2006 was an exciting year in politics, but not a whole lot of note happened around this site. 2007 should be interesting, though, as I continue to do battle with obstructionist FOIA staff, continue to antagonize law enforcement, and just generally keep livin' life one day at a time.


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