President of the United States, George W. 'Salad Creme' Bush

posted 3/14/2003

Increasingly, as war with Iraq once again looms near, I am struck by the impression that the POTUS - that's President of the United States - is rather like salad creme (or, if you insist, mayonnaise, or even, and I shudder, Miracle Whip). Yes, I know he already has a nickname (Shrub), but I think Salad Creme is more appropriate. Why?

  • He's rich, thick, and oily

  • Like salad creme, El Presidente is fine in small amounts, but more than two "bushisms" and I start feeling nausea

  • Both quickly go sour

  • And probably other reasons I can't think of. Why and how this man got elected is beyond me, but, as they say, there's always next time. Re-elect Gore in 2004! Re-elect Gore...
    I urge you, if you have a blog, or otherwise contribute bits 'n' pieces to the internet, refer to El Presidente as Salad Creme. Please. It's so much more fitting than "Shrub"... :)


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