The Buggrit Online William Paul and Company Shitlist

Updates 10/23/03

In January 2003 it came to my attention that Imagedepot ( and Directfoto ( are both subsidiaries of William Paul & Associates, a 30-employee, $30 million/year company in New York. They are, supposedly, one of the largest suppliers of graphic arts supplies to the U.S. armed forces... and they completely and utterly suck.
After learning this, and after being told on December 18th that my order with Imagedepot was finally going to be fulfilled, when, two weeks later, there was still no sign of it, I lodged complaints against the company with the good old Better Business Bureau. The BBB's website shows that Econocommerce, a division of William Paul, has an unsatisfactory rating. You think? I'll update this page as new developments arise...
10 February 2003: No updates, or even contact from the BBB in New York in the last month. No real surprise there. ImageDepot HAS, however, started spamming me, the little pricks. I've reported it as spam, and lodged a complaint with eBay about it. Searching Google Groups for the various names involved will show you that this company has a long, rich history of spamming...just another reason not to do business with them. Just goes to show, you should really avoid dealing with the big corporate giants - if you can.
17 June 2003: Finally heard from the BBB, wanting to know if Econocommerce, AKA... had ever pulled their opposable digit out of their posterior orifice and sent my order. Nope, still clueless in White Plains. Apparently, now that the complaint has "gracefully aged" for six months or so, the Better Business Bureau is finally going to contact Directfoto/Imagedepot/Jerkwads about this. I'm holding my breath...NOT.

23 October 2003: Ten months after it began, the Econocommerce/William Paul/ImageDepot saga concludes; the BBB advises that "...despite our efforts to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution to [these matters], we have received no response to your complaint[s]. We have attempted to contact EconoCommerce Inc. through written correspondance twice...We have also attempted to contact this firm by telephone...[W]e are compelled to close [these] matter[s] in our files...Please be advised that this firm's failure to respond to your complaint[s] will be reflected in its BBB record."

So there you go. Caveat emptor, and a big raised middle finger to John and the rest of the assholes at William Paul, Directfoto, Econocommerce, Imagedepot, and the rest of the front companies they run.


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